The campus parking dilemma


A car found illegally parked in B lot.

With the arrival of the new semester, students have encountered a lack of parking at school.

Most days, when students arrive a few minutes before the 8:20 bell, there’s rarely any spots left in A lot, and a handful of spots scattered around B lot. The scarcity of parking all over campus often makes students late and forces them to park in inconvenient locations.

Why has there been a sudden influx of cars? For one, overzealous sophomores with their newly-issued licenses drive and park on school lots without a parking pass. The only parking lot for sophomores is the dirt lot, the off-campus parking lot.

In a survey done by The Accolade on January 25, 27 cars were found to be illegally parked, 16 of which had outdated stickers, and 11 of which had no stickers at all. Coach Jeff Burch, parking director and athletic director, has taken steps to rectify the situation, but unless offending students are properly addressed, the issue may continue indefinitely.

Burch said, “There were approximately 21 warnings placed on cars yesterday and all license plates were logged. We are trying to figure it out. One of the biggest things is getting people to move to proper lots, so that’s gonna be a big thing,” he added.

Along with the availability of parking that seems to dwindle by the day, students are airing their grievances about the changes that were made to student parking in the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. If you weren’t aware, prior to the school’s remodeling of its front entrance, the stadium lot used to be senior parking and what is now known as “A lot” used to be teacher parking.

Many students and teachers prefer the old system of parking as students could easily access the school through the gym lobby doors while many teachers could park in closer proximity to their classrooms. For students with first periods in the portable classrooms, the only two options are to park in B lot, walk through the parking lot, through the front entrance, through the school, and out to the portables or park in A lot and walk around the school.

When the bell is about to ring or the weather is cold and rainy, neither of these options look too appealing, but due to security reasons, there needs to be one central entrance that students use.

Overall, Centennial should consider a more active approach to combating overcrowding in parking lots and perhaps even considering solutions to the inefficiency caused by the switch of the parking lots. While this may just be a pipe dream for seniors on the way out, hopefully the parking issue is on its way to being resolved.