Knight at the Museum

Fernbank Museum's Giants of the Mesozoic exhibit in the Great Hall, where this year's prom will be held.

Fernbank Museum's Giants of the Mesozoic exhibit in the Great Hall, where this year's prom will be held.

Kaleb Bang, Staff Writer

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With the new year, comes many big events for spring, the biggest of which is Prom.

The 2019 Prom is set for March 16, and it will be held at the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta. Ticket sales start on February 4, and they will be sold Tuesdays, and Thursdays each week during all three lunches and online. During the first week, tickets cost $65 for seniors and $70 for juniors, and the price goes up by $5 each week.

There are only six weeks before prom, and it is already clear that the anticipation and excitement is building up. For both the juniors and seniors, the prom planning process can get pretty intense. From transportation, dinner plans, outfits, pictures, and after-parties, the checklist just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. However, all of the stress and elbow grease will pay off on that third Saturday of March.

One topic in particular that always circulates around prom is the attire. It is safe to say that everybody who goes to prom wants to make an effort to look their best. This starts with which dress/tuxedo/suit to wear on that big night. For some people, it can be time-consuming and strenuous to find the perfect fit that is stylish, comfortable and affordable. To help ease the stress a little bit, the Accolade team asked both girls and guys to reference any places that are worth checking out when finding your prom attire.

For those fabulous prom dresses, seniors Jolie Janson, Ilse Zuniga, and Alex Harvil recommended Windsor, Delia’s, and Lulu’s. As for the gents, senior Nick Jaillet said, “I mean, last year for prom, I wore my dad’s old tux.” We also recommend checking out Jos. A. Bank and Men’s Wearhouse. Hopefully, these places may help in the outfit decision process. Prom is usually a great opportunity for the juniors and seniors to have an unforgettable time.

With this prom being the last for the 2019 senior class, many are looking forward to their final school dance as a Knight. The Accolade team asked some of the seniors their thoughts on what they are anticipating from their last prom. Senior Caleb Sadd replied, “I am looking forward to the dinosaurs [the Giants of the Mesozoic exhibition at the Fernbank museum], and senior Callie Rigsbee said, “I am looking forward to having dinner with my friends.”

Prom is getting closer and closer, and the hype is getting bigger and bigger. Don’t forget to get your tickets, and take part in all the festivities. This school event only occurs twice for each students, and everybody should not hesitate to go. A night in downtown Atlanta with your friends sounds like a (K)night you will never forget.