Fan of sequels and reboots? Check out these coming attractions

Avengers: End Game and Hellboy reboot come in April


Logan Busbee, Staff Writer


The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The original Lego Movie was a surprise hit, and delivered a more fun and heartfelt movie than many believed possible. The sequel focuses on the characters from the first movie in an apocalyptic wasteland, and trying to save the day from alien invaders. You can catch The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part in theaters now.

Happy Death Day 2U

The original Happy Death Day was a unique movie that mixed elements of horror movies with the gimmick of Groundhog Day. The first movie received mediocre scores, ranging from the high 50’s to low 70’s, but most viewers felt there was room for improvement in the movie. But the main concept of a character restarting a day after dying was successful enough to create a sequel. The sequel, Happy Death Day 2U, is setting things up on a larger scale from the first movie. Not only does the main character Tree get stuck in another time loop, but so do her friends. Will they all be able to survive until the next day? Find out when Happy Death Day 2U releases on February 13.


Captain Marvel

It’s been over 1o years since Iron Man first hit theaters and kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Captain Marvel will be the first movie to both kick off 2019 and the second decade of the MCU. Captain Marvel is the first female led Marvel movie, and will introduce the iconic comic villains the Skrulls. You can watch Marvel’s next biggest hero when Captain Marvel premieres on March 8.


Jordan Peele started his directorial career very strongly with the hit movie Get Out, and it seems he’s going back to the horror genre with his next movie Us. It follows a family who are pursued by strangers that look exactly like themselves. Be prepared to be scared when Us releases on March 22.


Disney has recently been remaking some of their classic animated movies in live action, and now Dumbo is getting that treatment. Courtesy of director Tim Burton, get ready to relive the story of the elephant who could fly when Dumbo releases on March 29.



Up until December, most people thought that DC couldn’t make good superhero movies. However, Aquaman surprised everybody by being a fun and enjoyable movie. Shazam is the next movie from DC, and it focuses on Billy Batson, a foster kid who can turn into a superhero by saying Shazam. The movie will be more jovial in tone than other DC movies, and you can watch it when Shazam bursts into theaters on April 5.

Pet Sematary

After the success of It back in 2017, the next classic Stephen King story to get the remake treatment is Pet Sematary. The original 1989 adaptation received poor reviews, but the original It adaptation was also poorly received. Pet Sematary’s first trailer shows that while the movie may be set in more modern times, the main concept of a graveyard that can bring things back from the dead stays the same. Find out why dead things should stay that way when Pet Sematary releases on April 5.


Hellboy is a reboot of a movie adaptation of the Dark Horse comic of the same name, by Mike Mignola. David Harbour will play Hellboy, a demon stuck between the supernatural and human worlds. He’ll be going up against an ancient sorceress who wants revenge on him. Watch this comic come to life on the big screen when Hellboy premieres on April 12.

Avengers: End Game

Avengers: Infinity War was one of the most popular movies of 2018, not only because it brought together dozens of beloved heroes, but because the ending had the villain Thanos win and wipe out half of all life in the universe. Avengers: End Game has already set itself up to be much darker than the previous movie, with the Earth devastated by losing half of its population. Trailers show the remaining Avengers are getting ready to take the fight to Thanos, but will they succeed? Find out when Avengers: End Game is released on April 26.