It’s time for NBA’s All-Star Weekend

The season has reached its midpoint


Lebron James celebrating in the 2017 NBA All-Star Game. (Credit: Kevork Djansezian)

Sam Janis, Co-Editor-in-Chief

It is about halfway through the NBA schedule and time for All-Star Weekend, Feb. 15-17. Throughout the season, fans have been able to vote for their favorite players to be part of the game. Now, the top two vote-getters from each conference, Giannis Antetekoumpo, and Lebron James have chosen their squads and face off in Charlotte, N.C. This is the first year the All-Star draft has been televised on TNT. The starters who have been picked are:

Team Lebron 15x All-Star –

Kevin Durant 10x All-Star

Kyrie Irving 6x All-Star

Kawhi Leonard 3x All-Star

James Harden 7x All-Star


Team Giannis 3x All-Star-

Stephen Curry 6x All-Star

Joel Embiid 2x All-Star

Paul George 6x All-Star

Kemba Walker 2x All-Star

All-Star weekend also includes other competitions including the NBA Celebrity game, the Rising Stars game, the Skill Challenge, the Three-Point Contest, and the Slam Dunk contest.

The Celebrity game is exactly what it sounds like. Two teams of 12, mixed with celebrities and NBA legends, play each other, with the best player winning the MVP of the game.

The Rising Stars game takes top players who have not been in the league for too long and gives them the spotlight. Fans who might not know some of these players get the chance to see what they can really do.

The Skills Challenge, Three-Point Contest, and Dunk contest all take place one after another. The Skill contest puts players through an obstacle course setting, with the fastest time winning. The Three-Point contest has players shoot at five different spots on the court. They have to shoot all of the balls on the rack before moving to the next position. The final ball on the rack counts for double. The player to make the most shots in the allotted time wins. The Dunk contest is the highlight of the day. Four players have chances to make the most exciting dunks and are judged by a panel of old NBA players. The top two dunkers of the first round move on to the final. Props and extra people are used commonly to make the dunks more spectacular.

NBA weekend is looked forward to by all basketball fans. While the events don’t have any importance, it’s a nice change of pace from normal day to day games


Friday, February 15: Celebrity Game – ESPN, Rising Stars game- TNT

Saturday, February 16- Taco Bells Skills Challenge, Three-Point Contest, Slam Dunk-  all TNT

Sunday, February 17- All-Star Game – TNT