Newbold offers students a forum to speak out on recent vandalism

Derek Rehberger, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Students, staff, and the Centennial community as a whole were disturbed by the vandalism of February 4. The drawings of swastikas on the school’s front pillars were viewed by many as an anti-Semitic attack and hate speech.

In an email Sunday, Principal Anthony Newbold made good on his promise to let students have a voice on the matter. “During our first meeting in response to the vandalism that took place on our campus, one of the action items was to give our students a place to share their thoughts about what took place,” he said.

And that’s exactly what is happening. Newbold created a Flipgrid grid where students can record up to a 90-second response with their thoughts. Newbold is the moderator of this grid, and will review every submission before allowing them to go public.

You can download the Flipgrid app on your mobile device and use the code “07c896ac” to join the grid. You can also access the grid by clicking the link here.