Four Lunch Periods Next Year?

It's looking like that's the plan.


Cafeteria during A lunch

Sydney Hoose, Staff Writer

Four lunches next year?

It looks like that’s probably the plan for next year: four lunch periods.

Back in 2015, there were only two lunch periods, and in 2016 there was a change to three, and students weren’t happy with it. Now, the administration says it’s seriously considering a plan to switch to four lunch periods in 2019-20.

“The purpose would be to lighten the load,” Dr. Newbold said. “When you go in during A lunch, especially on cold or rainy days when kids can’t go outside, every space is occupied. We have to pull additional tables out so that we’ll have enough space to accommodate for everybody.”

Dr. Newbold added, “On days when it’s sunny outside it’s not so bad, but we do have a crowding issue because we have almost 2,000 students at Centennial. It’s a lot to get 2,000 kids into three lunches.”

Newbold also confirmed that each lunch period would be about 35 minutes long. “We’re looking forward to building our master schedule for next year. One thing we’re looking to do is have a common planning for teachers, so instead of teachers having to use their lunch to plan together, all of the algebra teachers would have their first period off so they can do their planning during that time and they can enjoy their lunch time,” he said.

Teachers favor splitting lunch into four periods because they want students to stop using their free time for things other than eating. Some students get into fights or fool around during lunch, but this is unfair for the students who work on assignments during lunch or do productive things. Some students also make up missed tests during lunch, and 30 minutes isn’t enough time to do so.

“I think that would be pretty difficult for everyone to socialize with their friends. I don’t think it would help in any way with our current lunch situation,” said Junior Nicole Ganelin. She added, “You’d have to go and eat your lunch really fast, which is already an issue for some people. I know people who use lunch time to study and other things, so it would just cut down their free time.”

Although the decision about having four lunch periods next year is not yet official, it is still a possibility. It will cut students’ free time short, but it will help reduce the crowding caused by the incoming flood of freshmen.