Pokemon Returns: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are on their way



Next generation Pokemon like the ones shown above will feature in the new Sword and Shield games.

Austen Hensel, Life & Style Editor

Pokemon games have been a hit ever since their initial release in 1996. Since then trading cards and more than 10 other Pokemon have released, with the newest Pokemon games on their way. These two games will feature a new story line, new Pokemon, and a new device to play Pokemon on, the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Sword and Shield games are set to release in late 2019. The game is now available to pre-order online, but other than that not a lot has been said about this game. The Pokemon company’s CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara hasn’t given news reporters or gaming insiders a lot of information.

When asked about the game’s content Ishihara said “it’s completely different” from Pokemon Let’s Go. “It is not an entry game,” he said, “but a game that we want long term fans of the Pokemon series to look forward to.”

No matter how different this game is, there will be some guarantees as to what Pokemon Sword and Shield contain. Both games will have better graphics than previous games. As technology has increased, graphics are constantly getting better, and this game will show that. Another guarantee is new Pokemon.

For ages, users have been somewhat bored by the same Pokemon in all previous games, but that will change. Last, the storyline will be different. There will be an all new map, gyms, and style of play that its creators say should excite users.