The Pros and Cons of Rooming with a High School Friend in College

Lauren Ridley, Staff Writer

Graduation is right around the corner, and many seniors are planning to head off to college next semester. With college comes dorms and roommates, leading many to think that it’s a great idea to room with your high school friend. Others disagree. There are pros and cons to rooming with your high school friend that you should know about.

 Rooming with your bestie can be amazing. You both have your own inside jokes, making college feel a bit more comfortable, and you’re guaranteed to have a good friend the moment you step on campus for the very first time.

It’s important to set ground rules. When you’re living with your friend you will learn more and more about them no matter how well you know them before. So even though your roommate is your best friend and you may get along great, it’s important to take time and set some ground rules before the semester begins. Some basic questions could be asking about cleaning responsibilities, study hours/sleeping, guest/visitors, and parties.

But there are many cons to rooming with your high school friend. Being friends already with your roommate might ruin your chances of branching out and creating new friends. Rooming with someone you already know makes it easier to feel content and miss out on all of the fun dorm activities that let you mingle with your fellow hall mates. Just as you are less likely to make new friendships, you’re less likely to seek out new experiences if you and your best friend just keep to your usual routine.

Also you might find it hard to confront them about a certain issues. Unlike with a roommate that you are not required to like, it can be really awkward to bring up conflicts with your friend. For example, if they decide to leave a mess or invite their loud friends while you’re trying to study.

Counselor Melissa Freeman roomed with one of her high school friends all four years of college. Freeman said, “I knew I could trust her since we knew each other for years before we decided to room together.”

However, she added that there’s always a catch when you room with your high school friend because “it is very different to be friends with someone than it is to actually live with them,” she said.

On the contrary, counselor Zyer Beaty roomed with someone that she didn’t know before getting into college. Beaty  believes that it’s a great idea to room with someone that you do not know. She is still good friends with her roommate to this day.

Beaty said, “ I was in her wedding and helped with her baby shower.” Beaty also said that she has roomed with a high school friend before and that didn’t turn out so well. “We are still working on repairing our friendship, and we used to be extremely close,” said Beaty.

So, the bottom line is that you need to be aware that rooming with a best friend has its rewards and challenges.