Spending Spring Break in ATL? Here are some fun activities to check out


View from the top of the Sawnee Mountain Indian Seats

Jonathan Cannon, Staff Writer

Spring Break is arguably the best time of the year for any high schooler. It marks a week-long break in the school year and offers a way to rejuvenate yourself for the final push to the end of the year. Whether you stay home or go to the beach, spring break is usually a great time for everyone. If you do decide to stay at home this year, here are some fun activities you can do in and around Atlanta.

1.  Go to Six Flags over Georgia

Also, a short drive away from Roswell, the famous amusement park, is Six Flags over Georgia. A trip here will not disappoint as it can be a fun way to enjoy your break with some of your friends. This can be fun with your family even if they don’t like roller coasters as there are carnival games, restaurants and other attractions for the whole family to enjoy. This is one of the more expensive options on this list but is definitely worth the money.

2. Go out and hike one of the many trails around Atlanta

There are many trails that you can do even as a beginner with no hiking experience at all. These hikes can be short hikes that you can do with your friends if you are looking to get outside during this break. Here are some easy trails with the approximate mileage of the trail within an hour of the Roswell area.

Sope Creek Trail- 1.5 miles (trailhead off of Paper Mill Rd. in Marietta)

East Palisade Trail- 3.4 miles (trailhead off of Whitewater Creek Rd. in Atlanta)

Pine Mountain Trail- 4.5 miles (trailhead off of Komatsu Dr. in Cartersville)

Kennesaw Mountain Trails- 1- 11 miles (many different trails to choose from!)

Sawnee Mountain Indian Seats- 4 miles (trail-head off of Bettis Tribble Gap Rd. in Cumming)

3. Spend a day visiting two of Atlanta’s biggest attractions: The World of Coke and Georgia Aquarium

These are arguably the biggest attractions in the Atlanta area and never disappoint. If you are looking to spend a day with friends and have a few dollars to spend ($17 for World of Coke and $32 for Aquarium) this could be a cool experience for you! Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest in the world and is an experience for everyone. Similarly, there is nothing else like the World of Coke where you can see the history of Coke and taste lots of different flavors.

4. Go see spring flowers at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Springtime is a beautiful time of year and you can experience this with a trip to the botanical gardens. This is one of the best times of the year to go see flowers because they are elegant and blooming this time of year. Just a short drive away in Midtown this exhibit of flowers is a must-see if you will be spending this break in Atlanta. If the botanical garden is a stretch in terms of distance you could go to the Chattahoochee Nature Reserve and walk on their many paths and see their beautiful scenery this time of year.

These are just a few of the many activities to look into when planning your spring break around Atlanta. These attractions are sure to maximize your experience by spending your break at home. Pick a day on spring break and do one of these activities with your friends or family and make the most of your week off of school.