Centennial’s big “Knight at the Museum”

Ryan Mayville, Staff Writer

On March 15, Centennial took to the dance floor at Fernbank Museum. Prom took over the first floor of the natural history museum side-by-side with two life-sized fossils surrounding the dance floor.

As students entered prom there was a large ivy arch to go with the theme of “A Knight of Enchantment” that welcomed them to the dance. After initial entrance students descended down a spiral stair case that led directly to the dance floor. The dance floor itself was accompanied with colorful strobe lights and a wide variety of music.

For those who aren’t very fond of dancing, Fernbank was prepared with a large ice cream bar equipped with many different toppings along with treats like chocolate covered brownies and marshmallows, cookies, and cake pops.

Fernbank also had a large balcony connected to the dance floor for those who needed fresh air. There was also a photo booth with an abundance of props for some goofy photos with friends.

This years prom King and Queen were Grant Blevins and Marianne Lemarche. Prom prince and princess were Elijah Medwed  and Molly Hyser.