Lenin Mariche is first Centennial student to run a marathon


Derek Rehberger, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Senior Lenin Mariche just became the first Centennial student to run a marathon, according to cross country coach Patrick Weigand. “It was a surprise to learn that I’m the first,” Mariche said, “but it also wasn’t a big surprise, because not many people just run marathons for fun.”

Mariche ran the 2019 Publix Atlanta Marathon on March 17 and went a time of 03:51:05. For the 26.2 miles, her average pace was 8:44 minutes per mile.

The Publix Atlanta Marathon spanned across the entire city, as seen in the map of Mariche’s run.

Training for a marathon is no easy task. Because Mariche does cross country and track for Centennial, she’s constantly running. “Running is basically part of my life, so there wasn’t much change [to my training]. During the week I would run three to four miles almost everyday. On the weekends I tried to go on longer runs, at least 12-14 miles. My longest run before the marathon was 19 miles and that was three weeks before the race. The week before the race, I only ran three days out of the whole week and that really helped my body save energy that I needed for the 26 miles.” To really see how much Mariche trains, check out her Strava page here.

Mariche feels she owes a lot to the cross country program and its head coach, Patrick Weigand. “Coach Weigand really helped me train for it. He told me what weekends I should go on my long runs (16, 19 miles)  and the types of things I should do to prepare for it.”

To describe her overall feelings on having run a marathon at such a young age, Mariche said, “In general, I feel accomplished and proud of myself. I hope that this can inspire other students to push to their limits and work hard to reach their goals.”