From cowboys to carnivals, Senior Week returns


Jolie Janson

Alex Harvill and Jolie Janson dress as Mr. C's "twins" on Monday.

Austen Hensel, Life and Style Editor

Senior Week is here, and like in years past, Senior Week is a hit.

It’s been a week full of fun games and activities as well as delicious treats, with a special meal thrown into the mix, rewarding seniors for their four years of hard work at Centennial. A week focused on seniors and only seniors is a great way to roll into spring break, where 2019 grads can unwind during their lunch period and spend time with their peers.

This year’s Senior Week is huge. On Monday seniors got Chick-fil-A breakfast and participated in karaoke during their designated lunch period.  On Tuesday, Bruster’s Ice Cream was served during all three lunch periods, and students were able to socialize while they enjoyed a delectable treat.  On Wednesday seniors get tacos for lunch, catered by Willy’s.

The senior carnival as well as the petting zoo are set for Thursday. The carnival will have fun activities like a mechanical bull, and the petting zoo will have various animals such as goats and even llamas. Rounding out the week, on Friday seniors will be served pizza for lunch, and can watch a movie in the auditorium after they eat.

As fun as these events sound, Senior Week would not be Senior week without opportunities to dress up. In years past each day of the week has had a specific theme senior have to dress up as, and this year is no different. On Monday, seniors dressed like their favorite teacher. On Tuesday the theme was Cowboys versus Aliens, where seniors can dress up as either cowboys or aliens. Wednesday is “bougie” day where all seniors are encouraged to dress as fancy as they can. Thursday is “you as a child” day where seniors should look through old pictures of themselves and try to replicate an outfit that they used to wear. Finally, Friday is senior citizen day.