Model UN takes on the Big Apple

Team brought home three awards


(Credit: Macklin Hennessey)

The team poses with their award in the UN General Assembly.

Gracie Rodriguez, Opinions Editor

From March 5-9, the Centennial Model UN team attended the National High School Model United Nations conference (NHSMUN) in New York City. NHSMUN is the world’s largest Model UN conference for high school students, and every year Centennial Model UN brings 16 of its best delegates to participate in it.

This year, the team brought home one overall award and two individual awards. The Award of Merit was given to the team for its overall performance in the conference. The team also won two individual awards, known as “Plenary”, where the best-performing delegation of a committee is chosen to speak at the UN General Assembly during the conference’s closing ceremonies. Freshmen Radeen Dixon and Holden Rohrer, who represented Thailand in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), won the plenary award for their committee. Junior Divali Legore and Senior Alexandra Chapman won the plenary award for the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP).

Nine Centennial delegations represented Thailand in the various UN bodies that are simulated at the conference, including committees like the World Bank and the UN Environment Programme. Throughout the week, students debated topics like “addressing barriers faced by minority groups in the workplace” and “refugee displacement from climate change and natural disasters”, just to name a few.

“My favorite part about committee was getting to hear people from all over the world speak about global issues that we would all like to change,” said Legore.

“Aside from committee, I really enjoyed being able to explore New York with some of my good friends. I enjoyed ‘Anastasia’, which was one of the Broadway shows that we watched,” she said.

Junior Elise Brinkmann said “I loved going to the delegate dance because I got a chance to have a good time with people from around the world.”

When the team wasn’t in committee session, they went to Times Square, saw the 9/11 Museum, and watched Broadway shows as a group. Students also had free time to explore the city in small groups and do things like shop, sightsee, visit museums, and walk around Manhattan neighborhoods.