80 Years of Batman – Detective Comics #1000 Review

How well does Detective Comics #1000 celebrate the caped crusader’s 80th year?


A panel from the story “Batman’s Greatest Case”

Logan Busbee, Staff Writer

Batman is one of the most well known superheroes in the entire world, and after 80 years, his flagship title, Detective Comics, has hit 1000 issues. The caped crusader has been through thousands of adventures through those 80 years, and to celebrate his 1000th issue, DC has assembled some of the best artists and writers to create short stories. So, with likes of Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, Tom King, Tony Daniel, Greg Capullo, Kevin Smith, and so many more, how good is Detective Comics #1000?

There are 11 all new stories in this 96 page giant of an issue, and they all touch on different aspects of Batman and his history. “The Precedent” focuses on Batman creating the first Robin, and the residual effects it would have. “Manufacture for Use” brings in many elements from Batman’s origin. “The Legend of Knute Brody” is a callback to the wackier adventures of Batman. Both “I Know” and “The Last Crime in Gotham” show future versions of Batman. There’s also my personal favorite of “Batman’s Greatest Case” which shows his entire Batfamily he’s assembled over the years. There are also some amazing stories I didn’t even mention, and they are all worth checking out.

The art in this book is incredible, and each artist does an amazing job with their pieces. There are beautiful renditions of dark futures, fun throwbacks to older stories, and tons of great Batman story telling and action. Detective Comics #1000 features some of the best Batman artists, and really helps truly complete this book as a whole.

Detective Comics #1000 is a great celebration of all things Batman from the past 80 years. We see him taking out criminals, working with his family, honoring his parents, and trying to bring Gotham to a newer, more peaceful day. It’s a great grouping of Batman stories, but there are some notable Batman writers and artists missing such as Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb, and Ed Brubaker. Either way, Detective Comics #1000 is a great way to celebrate Batman for casual and die hard fans alike.

Accolade rating: 9/10