Shazam! Review – DC’s new Superman?


Logan Busbee, Staff Writer

When it comes to superhero movies, it’s no doubt that DC has been rushing to catch up with Marvel, but failing. However, that changed with the release of “Aquaman”, which appealed to fans and critics alike as a fun, albeit cliche, movie. But now, DC is introducing one of their biggest comic heroes to the big screen for the first time. So, is “Shazam!” DC’s next big hit?

“Shazam!” follows Billy Batson as he tries to fit in at his new foster home. But when a wizard gives him the power of gods, he becomes the superhero Shazam. With the help of his foster family, namely his brother Freddy, he becomes a superhero for the people of Philadelphia. However, he has to fight against the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana and the seven deadly sins, all while still trying to figure out the powers he’s been given.

Just like “Aquaman”, “Shazam!” is a great standalone superhero movie that introduces famous comic characters faithfully to movie-going audiences. Every character is written super well, so that when Billy Batson turns into Shazam, it really does feel like he’s just a teenager in a superhero’s body.

While Sivana isn’t a highly nuanced villain, he does a great job as the stereotypical evil doctor trope, which it was clearly what the movie was going for. The entire cast also did a great job, with Billy’s foster family all playing off each other. Plus, the dynamic of Shazam and Freddy (Billy’s foster brother) lead to some of the funniest scenes in the movie.

DC has managed to make one of the best and most fun superhero movies in “Shazam!” It does a great job introducing these iconic characters, while also a story of family and foster family that hasn’t been told in such a major movie. This is a feelgood and regular superhero movie that doesn’t push the genre forward, but delivers a great origin story for DC’s biggest new hero. If you’re looking for an enjoyable superhero movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then “Shazam!” is the movie for you.

Accolade Rating: 9/10