Winter Guard dominates the season

Ryan Mayville, Staff Writer

This year Centennial’s Winter Guard had a tremendous season. The guard received either first or second in every competition they entered.

Centennial’s Winter Guard is an extension of the school’s color guard. Any one is allowed to try out, and instead of performing at football games during half time, they perform at competitions. They practice three days a week and compete on Saturdays.

For past years Centennial’s Winter Guard has been competing in the novice class. However, after their first competition they were promoted to scholastic regional A. Even in an entirely new class with even tougher competition, they excelled with flying colors, leaving every competition of their new class with either a first or second place trophy — proving that with determination and team work you can do anything.

Winter Guard competitions are scored on Equipment, Movement, Design Analysis, General Effect. The team spins rifle, flags, and saber and they are scored based on the movements they do with their equipment and the difficulty of their throws.

It may sound easy to some, but it’s the complete opposite. “A single routine takes about a month and a half to layout the basic template but a routine isn’t usually done until the end of the season,” said Alexis Vigliotta, team captain. “We spend all season perfecting and adding onto the overall routine,” she added.

At the end of the season the team competes at SAPA (Southern Association for the Performing Arts). Centennial’s Winter Guard competed against 100 teams. Each team is placed in a division and they compete to win their division; this year Centennial’s squad placed fourth in their division.