Is mustard the number one condiment, or does it need to Ketchup?


Austen Hensel

Grey Poupon, Beaver Brand, and Kroger Brand Horseradish Mustard.

Austen Hensel, Life and Style Editor

When thinking about mustard, most people see a yellow bottle. They see gross watery juice coming out of the top of the bottle when the first line of mustard is being squeezed onto a perfectly made sandwich. People taste the strong, sweet, and spicy flavor of mustard, and the last thing that comes to mind is a love for this condiment.

However, there is so much more to mustard than what these predisposed assumptions tell us. Mustard can be elegant. It can accent different meats and sandwiches exquisitely. It can excite your taste buds, but the key is finding the right mustard.

There are so many different types of mustard. Honey mustard is great for chicken and salads, while Dijon mustard is wonderful in salad dressings as well as on bratwurst. Yellow mustard is good on sandwiches and hot dogs, while horseradish mustard and whole seed mustard are great on corned beef. No matter what dish you are eating, there is probably a mustard that will heighten the flavor of your meal. Here are a few of my favorite mustards and foods they work well with.

Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard is an all around type of mustard. It is used to make Caesar salad dressing, and can be a nice condiment on a sandwich. The spiciness of the mustard also cuts through the fat content of a sausage or bratwurst.

Kroger Brand Horseradish Mustard is especially good on toasted turkey sandwiches. This mustard has a delicate spice to it, as well as a hint of vinegar flavor. This mustard takes a simple sandwich to the next level and proves why mustard is a great condiment.

An inconspicuous mustard that not many people have heard of is called Beaver Brand Mustard. It is a honey mustard that has a nice spicy kick to it. It is great with summer sausage, as well as pigs and a blanket and other game day foods.

These three mustards are a first glance into the world of gourmet mustards, but the world’s only Mustard Museum provides a more extensive and in-depth view into the Mustard World. The museum is found in Wisconsin and contains information on how mustard is made, all the different types of mustard, and when mustard was introduced into the world.

No matter how you slice it, mustard is a wonderful condiment that provides extra flavor to any food you put it on.