AV Tech students bag silver at national convention

Lauren Ridley, Staff Writer

During a four-day trip to Seattle, 29 video production students from Centennial High school were part of a group that garnered two awards at the 2019 Student Television Network Awards.

The Loft video production program has been going to the STN Awards since 2017. The event is broken down into a series of competitions, with students having either a whole day or a few hours to complete their project from start to finish. Last year they didn’t win any awards, but this year they ended up winning not one but two awards.

Junior Marley Ruston said,  “We were given a prompt about being in the element so we had the idea to talk about homeless people because their community is their element and  we went to multiple homeless centers and interviewed them.”

The suspense was tough to take during the awards ceremony, because their name wasn’t called until near the end. Before calling out Centennial, about 15 schools had been named. Everyone was losing hope; then “Centennial” was called out – but, to make matters worse, there is a Centennial HS in New Mexico. So, when “Georgia” was announced, the students went wild.  

They earned second place for their documentary. AVTech teacher Chris Buechner said, “It was such relief because we had worked so hard, it made me feel good and really proud.” The team also won fifth place in the “Crazy 8s” short film category.

Over the four days some students learned valuable lessons. Junior Anna Townsend said that she learned how to get out of her comfort zone. “I remember last year I just stayed in my room and mainly did things behind the camera, and this year I put myself out there a lot,” Townsend said.

When they were not competing, Buechner said his students spent time traveling around Seattle, eating in local restaurants and sightseeing. Senior Artine Ravazi said that this trip definitely solidified his love for traveling.

Prepping for STN begins in the fall when Buechner begins recruiting students to go to STN. All school year they’ve been meeting every Wednesday to prepare, come up with teams and to get to know each other’s strengths and weakness.

Buechner said he is already putting together a game plan to win next year. “Next year’s goal is to win first place. We have the talent, ability and desire to become a really great program,” Buechner said.