What’s the deal with the senior Six Flags trip?

Ryan Mayville, Staff Writer

It’s a tradition that every year senior classes take a trip to celebrate their achievement of graduating high school. This year, the senior class of Centennial and nearby high schools take a trip to Six Flags, and the trip lasts late into the night. The goal of this trip is to serve as a last hooray as the senior classes leave to begin their new adventure in college.

This year there is a bit of hesitation for many to sign up this year. The main reason for the reluctance to sign up is the price. This year the senior Six Flags trip costs $105. For reference, a season pass for the whole summer at Six Flags costs only $85. The price of this trip includes the official ticket to Six Flags and there is also a buffet for the seniors to eat at throughout the night.

However, this year the main reason the cost is so much higher than previous years is because the school is now requiring us to take buses to Six Flags, and because regular school buses don’t run that late they have to be hired coach buses.

The Six Flags trip lasts from 8 p.m. till 3 a.m., and since they will be taking buses there will be no way for the students to leave early; rather, they must wait until 3 a.m. until the buses depart.