Centennial snags two awards at the Fulton Film Festival

The Fulton Film Festival took place May 2 at Aurora Cineplex. Centennial entered the competition with films by Caleb Sadd. The awards have two divisions: advanced and novice. Middle schools are also represented with their own categories. Each division has four awards that are given out: Best Film (first, second, and third), best supporting character, best actor, and best actress. There is also an award for fan favorite film.

The films are subject to some guidelines. All footage must be original and shot during the two weeks of competition and each team can have up to 10 members excluding non-speaking extras. Teachers cannot assist, make suggestions, or critique the films and are there only to verify that the rules are followed. Films also must not contain any profanity, drugs, alcohol, blatant sexuality, or weapons of any sort. The films are envisioned and created by students, making for a lively, different take on film than what moviegoers are used to.

Centennial left the awards show with two wins. The film, “Prom Night”, written and directed by Caleb Sadd, won Fan Favorite film, and Wiley Mack won Best Actor in the same film. The movie is about a high school student trying to find his “suitcase” containing his prom tuxedo. He spends the time chasing after a man who he believes stole it, striving to get it back before the dance.

Sadd likes the awards night because, “It is very important to have a community that supports the creativity of young aspiring filmmakers like me, and something like the Fulton Film Festival honors us with a night to display and award our hard work. It lets us know that our passion does not go unnoticed and our dreams are important to the world.”

Sadd has participated in AV tech for the past three years and plans to study film in the fall at the University of Georgia.


You can find the rest of the winners at the Fulton Film festival here.

Caleb Sadd