Attend Centennial’s First Job Fair!

Marjorie Hsu, Staff Writer

A poster with more info on Centennial’s first job fair!

Centennial will have its first job fair in the gym on May 9 and 10 during all lunches. It’s a great way to not only find a summer job, but to see internship opportunities. Job experiences can help college applications and teach students skills applicable to the real world. And, students who earn money can save up for college, a car, or other expenses.

A job fair can help students connect to employers more easily rather than searching the web. Applications are often done online nowadays; from sites like: Indeed, Snagajob, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, and more. It can sometimes be challenging to receive a job response because businesses seek workers that fall under a set criteria. Businesses may require applicants to have prior work experience or be of a certain age—usually it is at least 16 years old.

The poster says that CHS will be “partnering with local businesses,” so if a student does get hired the commute won’t be too far away. It’s not uncommon for students to use driving services such as Uber, Lyft, or the Marta bus to go to work. At first, it may seem like a waste of money, but shifts often vary from 4 to 8 hours, so what they would make in one shift would compensate for the commute’s expense.

Centennial’s job fair is a good way to introduce yourself to potential employers and get an idea who you could be working with. Areas with more teenager or young adult workers may be a better start because managers are more likely to be flexible and understanding of a high schooler’s schedule.

In addition, it’s important to be considerate of what days and how many hours you’re willing to work. Workers can input their time preferences, but managers sometimes override it to meet business needs. Managers will often schedule workers when the business has more customers. If it’s a cafe, they’d most likely schedule you to work in the mornings. If it’s a restaurant, they’d most likely schedule you in afternoons and evenings.

Internships or jobs can be a little daunting at first because there’s so much to learn all at once, but once you grow accustomed it can be very enjoyable. Some of the perks are getting to meet all kinds of people and learning a greater respect for people who work in retail, the food industry, and more. Depending where you work they also offer benefits to the workers. For instance, if a girl worked at her favorite clothing shop they most likely may offer a form of discount if she were to buy some clothes there. Or, if a guy really enjoyed the food at the restaurant he works in, he may get half off.

Some other local places that are hiring are: