Seniors celebrate their futures at College Acceptance Day 2019

Derek Rehberger, Co-Editor-in-Chief


Centennial seniors got to finally celebrate their post-high school plans last Thursday. The class of 2019 assembled together in the auditorium to watch their fellow classmates go up on stage to announce where they (or their friend) are going to college. These announcements were made in fun and silly ways, which is quite the opposite of what their real graduation will be like on May 20.

“This is an opportunity to have fun and really celebrate all the work that [seniors] have put in,” senior class council adviser Sheila Jimenez said. “For many, [the fact that they’re going to college] doesn’t even set in until they’re up on stage in front of hundreds of people.”

College Acceptance Day was a day to really let loose, and Centennial seniors did just that. See below for “full” list of our seniors’ plans: