The Accolade says goodbye to its graduating staffers

Lauren Ridley, Staff Writer

As we all know the school year is coming to an end, and that means the majority of our Accolade staff writers are departing. A total of 10 will be leaving and 13 new staff members will be filling in their shoes.

Senior Gracie Rodriguez, opinions editor, has been on the staff for two years. Rodriguez will be attending Georgia Tech this fall and plans on majoring in public policies. Rodriguez said that graduation is bittersweet because “I’m gonna miss the students in this class that I’ve come to bond with and I will especially miss Ms. Wolfe because she’s a cool and easygoing teacher that I can always talk to.”

Senior Derek Rehberger, co-editor-in-chief is also going to Georgia Tech. He said he enjoys coming to Wolfe’s class every day because the class has a nonchalant environment. “I enjoy the fact that this is a student-run class and we decide what we want to write,” he said. 

Senior Jonathan Cannon, staff writer,  is planning to attend University Of Georgia and majoring in business. Cannon has only been on the Accolade for one year, but he said that the  journalism skills that he has learned will heavily impact him when he starts college. “I know that I will be doing a lot of writing in classes and I know for a fact that my writing skills have improved a lot.”

But there are some downfalls to having many of our staff members leaving. It was difficult these last couple of weeks to recruit future staff writers for next year and after the word soon spread we ended up recruiting a total of 13 new staff members. Junior Marjorie Hsu will be the next year’s co-editor-in-chief next year and is excited to have so many new members joining the Accolade. “There’s going to be a mix of different people and personalities, so I feel like there will be a new variety to the writing to focus on other than just sports, movies and video games,” said Hsu.

Wolfe is proud of all of her seniors that will be graduating and believes that what they’ve learned in this class will benefit them in the long run. “Not only is writing an important academic skill, but it is also an important skill that translates into any career field,” she said.