Dragon Con Returns for 32nd Festive Year

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Marjorie Hsu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

One of the biggest conventions in Georgia, Dragon Con, celebrated its 32nd, year attracting a record 85,000 and raising more than $110,000 for Dragon Con’s 2019 charity, American Heart Association’s Georgia affiliate. 

Dragon Con has grown the last decade. In 2009, around 30,000 attended the event, which is 1/3 the number attended this year. That many people help bring in all sorts of show professionals, revenue, and funding for charities. 

Some notable guests were Zachary Levi who plays the main character in the movie Shazam!; famous animator Tom Bancroft who’s worked on movies like the Lion King and Aladdin; voice actress Kimberly Brooks who’s been in shows like Danny Phantom and Rugrats; and various more guests. Many guests return  – they can all be found at the Dragon Con website

Dragon Con also has its annual parade down Peachtree Street. Many families wake up early just to get a good spot to see the amazing outfits that people cosplay from various fandoms, companies, and organizations. Due to the large crowd, many people make their small portable snack or drink businesses or music entertainment around the corners of the street to earn their buck. Interestingly, some of these street vendors may be college students trying to pay off their student debt. 

Senior Susan Cannella went to Dragon Con this year with her twin sister and said, “It was really amusing. I had a blast.” In comparison to last year’s convention she said,  “It was definitely more organized this year because I learned from my past mistakes.” 

Cannella also said she wished she had gone to more panels on Friday as the first couple of days are the most eventful, with the final day being very dead. Many people come from out of the state and even from out of the country to attend, so most leave in order to resume their daily lives. Hence the reason why a one day pass on Monday is 15 dollars cheaper than a Saturday pass. 

Cannella went to the High Fantasy Track with a lot of Lord of the Rings panels, DC and Marvel Trivia, and one of the most interesting panels being Vogan poetry. Panels can also include pre-paid or free workshops like how to set up LED lighting with your cosplay, stylize wigs, voice acting with professionals, and more. 

When asked if she would recommend the convention to anyone, she said she definitely would, but “It’s kind of a niche thing. I think you have to be a pretty good fan of the things that are there because not everyone’s interests are there even though it does cover a variety of a lot of things. Like it covers a lot. But then again, you may have someone who’s vaguely interested in this stuff and maybe not willing to either pay the price or to go one day out of the whole weekend,” she said.