Barrett McAree is the Top Runner on Centennial X-Country Team

Mia Muse, Staff Writer

One of McAree’s morning runs before school.

Centennial’s junior Barrett McAree is the top runner on the Centennial Knight’s cross-country team.  Barrett has been running since freshman year making this is his third year running cross-country for Centennial.

Cross country running is a sport where different schools run a timed race over natural terrains such as dirt or grass. In this sport, the team with the lowest number of points wins.

Barrett McAree’s coaches call him a very talented runner. He qualified for sectionals during last year’s track season and at almost every x-country meet he’ll place in the top 10. Barrett’s fastest time is 16.08 which is 2 seconds off from breaking the school record at 16.06 minutes  in the 5K run.

English teacher Brian Elder is the assistant x-country coach and the main distance coach for track. Both positions give him the opportunity to coach Barrett during both of his running seasons. “Because of this extra time I spend with Barrett I have been able to notice this quiet confidence within him,” Elder said. “Barrett is willing to push himself to the point of being uncomfortable in order to perform better which shows in the meet,” he added.

Most runners by their senior year would want to be the number one runner on the x-country team. They also would want to be two seconds away from beating the school record. But Barrett, being a junior, has already accomplished those dreams.

Barrett said he has a deep passion for this sport. He also said, “you have to be willing to run and sacrifice and do everything it takes to be the best you can.” That is what he does every day to get better at his sport.

Barrett does this by running an average of 40 miles every week. Barrett usually completes his extra run in the evening to early morning when most of us are still asleep. “In the mornings it’s just really cool and calming, and it not that hard for me to wake up as it used to be because now it is kind of a routine ,” Barrett said. And you can see his weekly runs on the Strava app here.