How Does Centennial Like the New Dell Laptops? A Review


Diamond Thompson, Staff Writer

The new school-issued Dell Latitude 3300 laptops have been i students’ hands for a few weeks, and most students view the laptop as an upgrade from the Surfaces they had the previous three years. 

Most of the responses were a generic “Good,” or “Better than the Surface,” but some students genuinely like the laptops better than the Surface. When asked about what students disliked about the Surfaces, responses were the complaints students had last year: “It never worked,” “I would always have to restart it,” “They were used.” The biggest complaints students had involved the detachable keyboard, the program OneNote, the age of the Surfaces, and how they were too restrictive. 

The Dell Latitude 3300’s different functions include:

  •  Bigger in size
  • Doesn’t disconnect into multiple pieces so fewer parts to get damaged
  •  No pre-charging necessary; the laptops will turn on when plugged in if the laptop was dead previously
  • Faster charging 
  • A 14-hour battery life
  • More memory
  • Faster processor
  • Needs no case
  • A newer model (2018) in comparison to the Surface Pros which came out June 2014 
  • Heavier at almost 3.5 lbs

Many students agreed the new laptops are an upgrade, and they enjoy the storage space on the laptops for downloading and the ability to download. They also like how OneNote is no longer required (at least for now); they appreciate the constant WiFi connection and the fact that the laptops are new. 

Only one student the Accolade polled disliked the laptops. He said his laptop is slow and has a bad connection and preferred the Surface Pros, though he did not like the detachable keyboard.