Dark Crystal Series Revived After 37-Year Absence


Lance Cross, Staff Writer

Lately, Netflix has been bringing back old shows, like Invader Zim, She-ra:Princess of Power, and Rocko’s Modern Life. Recently, the latest property to have a revival is The Dark Crystal. After 37 years, fans finally got a new Netflix original series on August 30. The new series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, is a ten part prequel series to the original film.

The original movie chronicles the adventures of the last member of the Gelfling race, named Jen, as he tries to stop the evil Skeksis and restore the crystal that gives life to their home. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is set before the movie, and shows three Gelfling start a rebellion against the Skeksis, who were the Gelfling leaders at this point.

This new series maintains many of the elements that made the original so good. The series maintains the puppet style of the film and mixes it with modern computer graphics. This new series also expands the universe, and because it is much longer, there is more character building and world building. The series has many areas and characters that were not present in the original.

This new series is great for new and old fans. It expands the world already built in the first movie by showing more of the world before the film, and it serves as a good introduction because it requires no prior knowledge of the series. This special and the others mentioned all set out to capture new fans and expand on the already loved property by capturing the things fans like but also recreating it for new viewers who have never heard of the original series.