Make Money While Preparing for Your Future

Junior Alyssa Osborne makes extra money working at American Threads.

Junior Alyssa Osborne makes extra money working at American Threads.

Bridget McAree, Staff Writer

The average student loan debt for 2016 college graduates who borrowed to get through school was $37,172. With a job, now you could shrink that scary number and prepare yourself for the future. Plenty of companies in our area are hiring such as Taqueria Tsunami, Bruster’s, House of Hummus, and more. However, If you are not looking for a job in the restaurant business, other companies such as American Threads, a popular clothing store at Avalon, and Mr. Clean, a local car wash, are also hiring.

Junior Maggie Nolen has been employed at Bruster’s since May. She described her experience as “really fun with the perks of free ice cream!”

 At jobs like these, starting salary ranges anywhere from $8-$12, but with some jobs you can earn tips, making your overall salary even higher. Maggie said, “I work 2-3 days a week usually 3-6 hour shifts, and I make $5.25, but with tips it ends up being around $11 an hour, plus a free pint of ice cream.”

Alyssa Osborne, a junior, said, “Having a job at American Threads has definitely prepared me for my future, because I want to pursue a job in retail. I love my job because I get paid to style people and pick out clothes for them, which is one of my favorite things to do.”

 Finding a job that fits your interests is an easy way to make money while also doing something you are good at and enjoy. If you are worried about not having enough time for school or social life, don’t be. Many businesses hiring high school students are very flexible to accommodate a student’s busy schedule. Being employed does not only set you up for the future financially, but you will gain basic skills like talking to people and service.

Plus, by gaining the skills of time management, you will become more productive and become better prepared for your future.