Battle of the “Impossible Burgers”


Cheesecake Factory “Impossible Burger”

Haisa Nguyen , Staff Writer

Burger King’s version of meatless burger

A lot of restaurants are coming out with their own vegan options. Burger King was the first with its “Impossible Burger”, and the Cheesecake Factory also came out with their own “Impossible Burger”. Since there is a lot of buzz surrounding both of these new food items, I decided to check them out for myself. 

My first stop was Burger King. When I opened the burger up, it looked like any other normal whopper with lettuce, tomato, onion, patty, the regular whopper bun and what I assumed to be mayonnaise. However, when I opened it up to examine the contents, the patty looked very different from a normal meat patty. It was completely flat, and there were fake grilled char marks on it, and it was also a very off-looking brown. There was a greenish tint in some spots, and a very light splatter of brown in others. It didn’t look that appetizing after that, but I had made a commitment. 

First bite, it didn’t taste anything like their regular whoppers. There was a very distinct fake char taste, and it threw everything off. The texture of the patty was also incredibly off, it felt like I was chewing on rubber. The only appetizing part of the burger to me was the bun. Sorry, Burger King. Not a fan. 

The next stop was the Cheesecake Factory. Now, after trying Burger King’s “Impossible Whopper”, I didn’t have high hopes for the Cheesecake Factory’s “Impossible Burger”. My sister is a vegan, so she came with me to try the Cheesecake Factory’s vegan burger. We got seated, and ordered their new special menu item. This one looked the same as their other burgers as well, just like the Impossible Whopper. I examined the contents, and the patty looked like a normal meat patty, unlike Burger King’s. Upon first bite, it was significantly better. The texture was that of any other actual meat, and the taste wasn’t bad. I still would prefer a normal burger to it, but if I had to eat it, I wouldn’t mind. 

This experience was… enlightening. I learned that not all vegan options are completely unappetizing, and can actually be quite delicious. Unfortunately in this battle of the Impossible Burgers, the Cheesecake Factory’s came out victorious. Sorry, Burger King. Better luck next time!