Vending Machines: Love ’em or Hate ’em


Griffin Frame

This is the vending machine in the cafeteria.

Griffin Frame, Staff Writer

Griffin Frame
Currently broken screen of vending machine in beside the G-hall.

The vending machines at school aren’t always the best. Sometimes they are working properly and everything is good, but sometimes they are broken or are out of the thing you want. When looking for drinks, price is important, and most people want the cheapest options from a machine that works. 

Broken vending machines are a pain. When you put your money in and it doesn’t give you the product, or when you get what you wanted but it won’t give you your change, it can be really frustrating. Don’t worry; if a vending machine doesn’t give you your change back, you can go to the main office to get a refund. Similarly, if you buy a snack or something and it gets stuck in the vending machine, don’t pound the machine or try to buy higher things to knock it down – go to the office and get a refund.

If you’re looking to buy a drink and you want Coke, the Dasani vending machine in the cafeteria is for you. This vending machine offers the lowest price, at 75¢ for a can of Coke. Cans are also important because very few machines offer them. The cans of Coke aren’t regular Coke, though. They are the flavored Cokes.

The snack vending machines are all the same and don’t really offer any advantages or disadvantages. The only thing you are looking for is the snack you want in a machine that is currently operable. Pocky in the vending machines are finicky because they’re fragile and have a tendency to break when dropped by the vending machine. So if you were looking for the vending machine with the Pocky that is closest to the bottom, the one at this current time is the one right beside the I-hall.

Griffin Frame
Willie Phelps getting a snack.

 The drink vending machines are not owned by the school; they are owned by Coke vendors. This means that not all the profits go to the school. Centennial’s bookkeeper, Fen Chen, said that all of North Fulton has the same contract, and the school gets 20 percent of the profits. This also means the schools do not have to maintain the machines; the Coke vendors do. The vending machines get restocked by Coke at least once a week, usually early in the mornings.

Have you ever considered how often vending machines are broken? It happens more often than you think. Vending machines with Apple Pay have a little screen that on occasion will get broken. For example, a screen on a vending machine by the G-hall got broken so badly that it was no longer functional. It was almost dust, but the plastic cover held in the glass shards. Luckily, besides the Apple Pay screen damage, the vending machine is currently operational and working properly.

Location of all the vending machines in the school