One, Two, Three, Four, Chorus Declares a Penny War

Griffin Frame, Staff Writer

Now is your chance! You can get a pie thrown in a teacher’s face. All you have to do is donate to Penny Wars. This is the last week to donate. 

How does it work? You put pennies in the labeled jars in the cafeteria during lunch, and whoever has the most points by Oct. 3 gets pied at the pep rally on Friday, Oct.4. A great part about this is that the proceeds go to sending Centennial’s Advanced Women’s Chorus to the 2019 Southern Invitational Competition at Georgia Southern in November.

Sarah Wilson
These are the jars in the cafeteria for the Penny War

Every penny dropped in a teacher’s jar is a point, and the one with the most points by the end gets pied. You can donate bills too, but it subtracts points from the jar you put it in. So you can add points to the teacher you want to see pied or take away points from those you don’t.

If the chorus reaches their goal of $3,500, all the teachers will get a pie in the face, including chorus teacher Chelsea Burney. The teachers are Coach Jeffrey Burch, Coach Zachary Kroll, Coach John Domville, Coach Matt Barksdale, Coach Shane Sams, Coach Craig Ryan, history teacher  Eulora Skelton, math teacher Ugarhon Serrette, and if they reach their goal, Chelsea Burney.

There is strategy to the penny wars, because you could put pennies in the teacher’s jar of your choice. You can also lower the points of other people, so if your chosen person was in second, you could lower the one in first so that your choice would win, along with you being closer to seeing everyone get pied.