The Creative Space Called the MakerSpace

Diamond Thompson, Staff Writer

The MakerSpace in the Learning Commons is an underutilized creative space for students that needs more attention. It occupies three rooms in the Commons that allows students to use 3D printers, video equipment, sewing machines, and more. 

There are three spaces available to students, the Shop, the Studio, and the Surge. 

The Shop is the more commonly used room for those who need to complete projects. The room comes with four 3D printers, a sewing machine, laser cutter, heat press (for shirts), vinyl cutters, button maker, and an embroidery machine. This room allows for more hands-on building.

The Studio is not as common, but a few people do use this space. This is the room that acts as a film, recording, and music studio. Some students from The Loft use the studio. The studio comes with two Mac laptops, a sound mixer (Traktor Kontrol S8), and a green screen.

The Surge is the least used room. It’s for robotics and electronics. There are also two 3D printers in this room. There are many tools for creating technology, like wires, soldering irons, and other tools necessary.

If any student wants to use these tools, there are students there to help, called the Space Cadets. They are students who take a year-long class for MakerSpace who learn how to use all the equipment in each room and help students.

Keridah Boudou, a Space Cadet,  said “This is my second year being a Space Cadet and it’s a lot of fun. You just have to be willing to learn and everyone should try it once.”

They take requests for any projects needed to be done. Also, to use anything in the MakerSpace you must sign a waiver and get a parent’s signature and take a safety quiz online. Everything created in the MakerSpace must be approved first.

Learning Commons specialist Kimberly Carr encourages students to use all of the MakerSpace, “Come share the personalized experience of the Space!”