Homecoming Ticket Sales Help Fund Our School’s Clubs


Bridget McAree, Staff writer

Every year toward the end of September, students celebrate homecoming and dress up with their friends to enjoy a magical night filled with music and dancing in the transformed cafeteria. The $20 ticket price helps fund clubs so they are able to pay for fun activities. 

However, the dance has raised less money each year. Evette Snead , Junior class president, said, “Two years ago we raised around $12,000, last year we raised about $7,000, and this year we raised around $5,000-6,000 to give away.”

The money also helps fund hallway decorations, a fun tradition each class participates in each year to showcase their artistic capabilities in a friendly competition. The hours of painting, decorating, and planning is all made possible by the funds raised by homecoming. Without the money raised from homecoming, it would not be possible for our school to participate in this unique tradition students look forward to every year. 

All clubs are eligible for getting a part of the profit. Evette said, “We send out an email to all club sponsors letting them know we are giving away money. We’ve never turned down any club who has asked for money and we’ve always tried to give close to the amount they request.” 

Aside from funding clubs, homecoming profits have been able to benefit students on a more personal level as well.  One year our school raised enough money to send a student on the foregn exchange program to Europe cost-free. 

Homecoming is more than just a night for people to dress up and take pictures; it is crucial for funding our school’s clubs and extracurriculars.