Pros and Cons on Different Types of College Tours

Pros and Cons on Different Types of College Tours

Mia Muse, Staff Writer

There are many different ways to take a college tour. Let’s focus on individual tours versus tours you take with a group of students from your school. Accolade polled a small sample of students, and here’s what we found. 

What are the pros and cons of individual school tours? The ones where you go with your parents and maybe spend the night? 

       Pros                                                                                      Cons 

  • More in-depth and informative                              – not able to discuss impressions with your peers
  • More of an opportunity to ask questions             – may not eat in the dining hall 
  • Schedule a time to sit in a class                              – may not be able to see whole campus 

Here at Centennial, students get the opportunity to go on college tours with their peers. If that interests you, you can find the list of colleges and when the tour will be happening posted outside the counseling suite. Here’s what the students thought of group school tours.

Pros                                                                                    Cons 

  • Likely see most of campus                                      – limit time on each part of campus 
  • Covenant: won’t take extra time                            – limited chance to ask certain questions
  • Fun with friends                                                        – impersonal 

Ethan Moland went to GSU on his own and said, “ It was good and it went really well, we were able to see a lot of the campus and there was a lot of information given to us. I felt very comfortable about asking questions and I felt very satisfied when I left.”

Diamond Thompson went Clark Atlanta University with a group and told the Accolade that “ it was cool seeing the school but it wasn’t much. I wasn’t interested in anyways. The trip itself was pretty informative and the group helped me ask questions that I haven’t thought of.”

Destiny Woods went to Kennesaw State with a group and said, “when I went to Kennesaw State I was really shy, the group I was with made me feel really self conscious and I was just scared to ask questions but some of my questions did get answered. We didn’t see a lot of the campus but we did get to go eat in the dining hall. Also I learned a lot about their sports.”