The 146 Point Flame Brought History to CHS Stage


Vincenza (Summer Stockard) and Garcelanco (Jackson Courtney) imagining a future together.

Diamond Thompson, Staff Writer

In just 55 minutes, the Centennial Theatre portrayed the aspirations and dread of the women who were injured and died in the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.  The play is based on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City. The play recounts the lives of the immigrants before migrating to America and their beliefs about what being an American was.

The tone shifts from infatuation to fear in seconds. The actor’s accents added authenticity to the characters, though it made it difficult to understand what they were saying sometimes. The actor’s emotions felt real with even the factory workers who had no lines. The play required a few props, but it was so little that it made some scenes awkward and lacking. The play overall was enjoyable and informative.

The cast:

  • Ellery Denmon-Tessa
  • Kate Phares-Yetta
  • Jojo Craven-Lena
  • Summer Stockard-Vincenza
  • Jack Southard-Foreman
  • Jackson Courtney-Garcelanco
  • Justin Angeles-Father
  • Cole Simmons-Brother
  • Bradley Scoma-Mysterious Man
  • Evan Albright-Elevator Operator
  • Sara Andrews, Alaya Holmes, Ariana Neal, Kinsley Stevens, Ansley Wunderlich-Factory Worker

In August, the theater started production for The 146 Point Flame. The actors involved practiced four days a week for two hours the first four weeks and then the rest of the rehearsal time practiced for 30 more hours. This does not include the time the students spent at home rehearsing their parts.

The Tech students spent their class period each day creating the set, and students who are not in the tech class came in after class to work on props. And in order to accurately recreate the accents, actors watched videos of people talking in their respective accents.