Annual UNICEF Clothing Drive a Success


Kids last year in Pune, India waiting to pick out their clothes from the our clothing drive.

Maggie Nolen, Staff Writer

UNICEF is an organization that benefits women and children worldwide. The goal of UNICEF is to bring light to humanitarian crises and raise awareness for certain issues. Every month, Centennial’s UNICEF Club focuses on a different fundraiser, and the clothing drive just ended.

The UNICEF club accepted all sorts of donations, and all of the clothes go to underprivileged children and communities in India. In past years, the clothing drive has been a huge success. President of our UNICEF club, Anika Chawla, said, “Our UNICEF chapter at Centennial collects clothing in good condition to send to impoverished children in third world countries, such as India, where there is a large percentage of children living on the streets and in orphanages. Many of these kids cannot afford proper clothing,” she added.

With all the donations, the club was able to pack a large suitcase full of clothes. They received all sorts of donations, such as shoes, t-shirts, pants, and more formal clothes. They even had some extra clothes that couldn’t fit in the suitcase, and they are hopeful about sending another suitcase full of clothes to India in the future or finding another place to donate them. The clothes drive was a huge success and the club members are looking forward to a year full of successful fundraisers.

Along with the clothing drive, our club does events such as trick or treat for UNICEF. This is their main October fundraiser and it’s where club members go around collecting spare change from people. Each club member is required to collect at least $10 and at the end of the month, the club members sit down and count all of the money. In addition to the clothing drive, this is another huge fundraiser.