Centennial Knights Step Team Rocks


Mia Muse, Staff Writer

Centennial’s Step Team has been really putting in a lot of time and effort into memorizing and staying in sync with all of their routines. Last year, the steppers performed in the pep rallies and in the talent shows. This year, with all the new members they plan to have more performances throughout the year. 

The Accolade got with team sponsor Dee Patel and some of the team mates so we could further discuss their challenges and the improvements they would like to accomplish as the year goes on.

Patel and the team have been working really hard to get many more performances before the school year is up. “These girls are very creative, sometimes I can’t even wrap my head around some of the routines they do, and that just makes me very proud of them and their passion,” said Patel.

 A few team members said, “We just don’t have enough chances to be seen or heard. And by the way, we are not the ghetto version of cheerleaders,” they added. The steppers are now performing in halftime show at our basketball games. They have also been trying to sign up to get into a real stepping competition. 

Just like any team they go through their struggles but “the club is really student-led,” said Patel. 

“We argue a lot but it’s for the better,” said Asia Ratliff, the captain of the step team. “We won’t let a little arguing stop us from putting on a great show,” she added.

Ratliff summed up stepping into three words: fun, laughing, and interesting. As captain she sees the real struggles with getting down their routines. The main problem she faces is to make sure that everyone on her team knows the routine and if they don’t, she doesn’t mind teaching it to them over and over again.