What is Trending on TikTok Right Now?


Maggie Nolen and Bridget McAree

TikTok is a social media video app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. The app was launched in 2017 by Chinese developer ByteDance and has become one of the top downloaded and used apps in the United States.

Recently, TikTok has become increasing popular, and most kids have an account. Kids at Centennial, like Bella Martina and Livi Weidman, have become TikTok famous. Livi currently has 203,700 followers and a total of 6.9 million likes across all of her videos. Furthermore, Bella has 43,900 followers and has 966,600 likes across all of her videos. She went viral for her Trevor Lawrence look-alike video, which Trevor Lawrence himself reposted.

These are five of the biggest trends on TikTok right now:

  1. The British girl makeup trend. This is where Girls on TikTok are recreating British makeup looks in an exaggerated way to mock British girls. It is a very funny makeup challenge that many girls are participating in, and it is by far one of the funniest trends lately on TikTok.
  2. Charli D’Amelio, a 15-year-old dancing sensation. She has 3.8 million followers currently and 62.1 million likes across all of her videos. She is most famous for her lip-syncing and dancing videos, which all have more than a million views. Many other TikTokers duet her videos, which has led her to gain even more fame. However, she has recently gotten in a controversy for charging $100 to make a TikTok with her at her upcoming meet and greet. She has stopped some of the controversy by announcing that 100% of the profits will go to charity.
  3. Since 2019 is coming to an end soon, there have been many TikToks reminiscing on 2019 and all the events that happened. For example, there have been many videos about “what happened to my friend group in 2019” or “unexpected things that happened in 2019.” These videos are a fun way to look back on the year and think about what happened to you and your friends.
  4. There have also been many TikToks titled “my friend groups’ glow ups” which are basically videos showing you and all your friends at a young age or in an awkward stage and then showing a current picture. These are meant to be funny and a way to show off how different you/your friends look and how much you “glowed up” or got prettier.
  5. Although this has been a trend for a while now, the POV (Point of View) TikToks are still as popular as ever. Many people have gotten famous off of POV videos, including @snarkymarky and @rileyhubatka.

It is safe to say that TikTok is rapidly growing in popularity and is taking up a large portion of kids’ lives. It is a funny and easy way to take a break from your day and relax. Additionally, there is a lot of different content on TikTok making it enjoyable for all people, no matter what your interests are

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