New Soda Machines Replace the Old

Fishing for a free drink won’t work anymore


Lance Cross, Staff Writer

Five soda machines at our school have been replaced. These new machines sell the same drinks for the same price ($1.25 for regular sodas and $1.50 or $1.75 for bigger things in the machine), but they are updated. These new machines have a different aesthetic, and they retrieve drinks differently. 

The change for these new machines was necessary. With the old machines, people would often try to do a “trick” to get multiple sodas for the price of one. To do this “trick” people would stick their hand in the spot where you get the soda before it comes down. This would often cause soda to get stuck on the retrieval bar, so people who wanted to use the machine after that were not able to get their soda. The new machine makes it impossible to stick your hand in and break it.

The Accolade thinks these new machines are much better than the previous versions. The new machines probably will not break like the old ones because of the differing retrieval method. This method also helps keep the soda unshaken because it is not rotated at any point of the process. These machines also do not seem to have the same problem of saying things are “sold out” when you can see they are there. These new machines are better and a welcome addition.