Directed Study Is a Class Where You Choose What You Learn

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Griffin Frame

Rosner's 4th period directed study class

Griffin Frame, Staff Writer

If you’re in TAG you may have heard of directed study. Directed study is a class where you can choose what you want to learn about. The class only lasts for one semester and is only open to junior and senior TAG students, and for the past few years is advised by social studies teacher Meggin Rosner. 

Since you can choose what you want to learn about, students have researched fascinating topics in the past, such as coding, history of banjo music, various theaters, conversational Russian, tracing family heritage, and even everything you need to open a store and restaurant. The beauty of directed study is getting the opportunity to learn what you want to learn. This program is an academic credit and counts towards HOPE and the Zell Miller scholarship. 

You may be wondering since you have chosen the field of study how are you being graded. The goals or objectives that you will be getting a grade on will be made by you and the teacher.

You may see some problems with it – for example, since you can choose your topic, why wouldn’t you choose something easy?  However, if you choose something too easy you would be advised by Rosner to change it. On the other hand you can choose things that would be hard, and you can try to do that.

 If it is too hard Rosner might edit the goals and make it slightly easier, but you can still get a good grade if you put in the effort and don’t waste time. For example, one student chose to write a novel. This proved to be too hard in the time allotted to the goal shifted a little into something shorter, and the student still got a good grade on it, because they did have a story that was good for the chapters that were there.