Which is the Worst Hall During Class Change?


The main hall is never too crowded to walk.

Lance Cross, Staff Writer

As a student of this school, I walk through these halls every day, and must use them to commute. I have a different level of frustration towards the halls depending on which one it is due to traffic, so I set out to find the most cramped hallway during class change,  assuming the people in the hall are trying to be as courteous as possible.

Right off the bat, there are three groups of halls that can be eliminated. The first group is the halls in the basement. These halls only have a few classes, so they receive very little traffic. The second group is the J-halls for a similar reason. They do have more classes, but they still have few classes. The third group is the E-halls, one again because of the lack of classes. The first E-hall has a substantial number of classes, but it stretches out far, reducing congestion. The second E-hall only has a few classes.

The second thing I am eliminating is the main hall. While it is one of the most used halls, the “main” hall, the traffic is going in two directions until you get to the intersection where it becomes three. Because of people walking in fewer directions, it causes few collisions, and people can walk through the hall smoothly. This experience does not happen when you get to the cross hall. At each intersection there are four different ways people walk, and it causes congestion.

With the cross halls as the most traffic-heavy group of halls, it is necessary to find which one is the worst. The ones at each end of the cross hall (near the second I-hall and the G-hall) only have three directions, so they are out. The crossings in the first H-hall and the first I-hall are towards the end so there are more classes on one side than the other. For example, the first I-hall has one hall on one side and three on the other. This imbalance makes it where the majority of people at that crossing are going to the same side. 

Finally, The second H-hall is the worst because there is an equal number of people going in each direction. This makes people have to push through the hall to get through because a lot of people are walking against you.

In conclusion, the crossing in the second H-hall is the most cramped part of the school during class change. This is under the assumption that people are not standing around because that could make any hall a nightmare. So in the future if you do not want to have to push your way through your commute, avoid the second H-hall.