Apple Releases New Gender-Neutral Emojis


Apple has added fun, new emojis such as waffles, an otter, and a yawning face.

Bridget McAree, Staff Writer

Apple included some exciting new emojis in the new iOS 13.2 update, including a waffle, an otter, and a slab of butter. The update includes a gender-neutral option, different skin colors for different races, emojis for people with disabilities and interracial couples. The gender-neutral options include most of the popular emojis such as a gender neutral officer, painter, superhero, farmer, etc. This is important for people who identify as being a different gender than girl or boy because they now have options to appropriately express themselves. 

 In addition, Apple has added new, fun emojis such as a yawning face, more foods and objects, and emojis with red-hair for redheads. 

Gender inclusivity has become a new focus for brands and companies. The addition, Google offered Android users their own non-binary emojis in May. However, some are critical of the non-binary emojis for reinforcing a fixed idea of what gender-nonconforming people “look” like.