Is Your Neighborhood Showcasing Its Holiday Spirit?


Two houses in the back of Haynes Landing compete in a friendly competition each year of who can out-decorate the other.

Bridget McAree, Staff Writer

The tradition of lighting a Christmas tree dates back to the 17th century Germany, where it was popular to light candle sticks on your Christmas tree. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the first successful light bulb and electrical lights, hung “Christmas lights” for the first time around his laboratory in 1880. This trend has continued throughout the centuries and is still popular today, but with new technology and busier lifestyles, are fewer people participating? 

Haynes Landing, Spring Ridge, and Country Club of Roswell are larger neighborhoods that usually decorate the outside of their neighborhood, including their signs and entrance, and a good number of residents decorate their homes. 

Haynes Landing decorated their entrance beautifully with lights hanging on the trees and sign. Two neighbors in the back of the neighborhood compete in a friendly competition for the most decorated house. They go all out with lights, inflatable snowmen, reindeer and more. They completely blow away the whole neighborhood and were the most decorated houses of all three neighborhoods. 

At CCR, many houses had lights and inflatable decorations, including one house that had a giant inflatable Olaf. Many residents showed holiday spirit with pretty lights and candy canes. Of all three neighborhoods, CCR wins for most people who participated. 

Spring Ridge, however, was a let down. Although there were few houses with lights and even some with life-size nativity scenes, fewer people decorated this year than previous years. Overall, there were very bright and fun decorations in all three neighborhoods, which shows people still care to show their holiday spirit.