Annual Senior Service Day Was a Success


Nicole Ganelin (left) and Marjorie Hsu (right) walking goats at the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve on Senior Service Day. (Credit: Leslie Wolfe)

Maggie Nolen , Staff Writer

Senior Service Day is an annual tradition where seniors skip a day of school to go out and serve the community. Seniors get to sign up and go to various places to volunteer such as Fur Kids, Haynes Bridge, Holcomb Bridge, elementary schools, and on campus. There are many different places to choose from, meaning everyone can find something that interests them! This is not only a fun day for students but also for the teachers who chaperone.

Nina Rankine, senior class president, helped organize Senior Service Day. “The organization of it all was very meticulous since we had about 400 out of the 450 people sign up. We had separate folders for different centers with everyone’s names for who was going. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it in the end,” she said.

Some students choose to go to their old middle schools or elementary schools to visit their old teachers and reminisce on their memories there. Logan Speckhart visited Ester Jackson. “I talked to 5th graders about middle and high school and my plans for college. Afterward, we either helped out in classrooms wherever teachers needed us or helped with their family lunch. Maggie Wall and I helped make hand turkeys with a third-grade class. It was really sweet and fun,” she said.

Mandy Larsen, who visited her old middle school (Holcomb Bridge), said, “I talked to the orchestra students about joining high school orchestra and I gave them advice on high school in general. I was there for about 4 hours.”

Senior Olivia Bowers went to Easter Seals Daycare. She said, “It is for low-income families and it’s a non-profit organization. I helped kids ages 3-5 paint rocks for their rock garden. They are the sweetest kids and I learned a little love and affection goes a long way.”

Senior Service Day was a huge success this year and everyone had a great time. This is just one of the many special events seniors get to participate in, that make their senior year special.