Don’t “chicken” out. Accolade rates the best chicken biscuits

Since winter started, Accolade writers have been on the hunt for tasty, warm food to review, so three of us tried out chicken biscuits from well known stores such as Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and Popeye’s. Although they are not the most popular food item among fast food chains, they are an easy to-go, delicious sandwich. 

Starbucks’ Chicken Biscuit: 6.5/10

This decent sized biscuit has an overall tasty flavor, but does not have the same exquisite experience as the other biscuits. The bread was pretty brittle and although the inside was kind of fluffy, the outside was hard. The light, honey-like sweetness on top is a nice touch with the savory patty. Because Starbucks specializes in drinks, there were limited sauces for the biscuit, only sriracha sauce (assuming that the store has it.)

The meat is pretty tasty, but even better if you ask for the sandwich extra cooked. Depending on the individual, they may not like the addition of bacon because both meats battle for the overall flavor. However, the cheese is a nice combination. This most likely would not be a first choice food item compared to the other delicious sandwiches options Starbucks have.  

Popeye’s Chicken Biscuit: 8/10 

Popeye’s was popular last month for their new menu item: the chicken sandwich. So, the Accolade set out to see if their chicken biscuit was just as good. On first glance, it looked absolutely delicious. The chicken was perfectly fried, and was a great ratio to the actual biscuit. It was nice and crunchy, but not too hard, which was perfect. The biscuit looked nice and fluffy, but unfortunately, was not. 

It was very crumbly, and made a huge mess whenever you would bite into it, so we had to subtract a couple points. However, everything else about their chicken biscuit was perfect. We added some strawberry jam to ours as well, and it was amazing. You should definitely head to your local Popeyes to get a taste for yourself. 


Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit: 9/10

Chick-fil-A catered the superior biscuit. It was at the perfect temperature, with a perfect balance of sweet and salty. The chicken was cooked very well with crispy breading. This biscuit unlike the others, was noticeably sweet and fluffy. The only downsides of this biscuit was that the top bun was small and didn’t cover the chicken, but the bottom bun was the proper side, and the fact that they are only served in the morning.

Chick-fil-A also has a good assortment of sauces such as Polynesian and sweet sriracha sauce, as well as strawberry and grape sauce. Some people would say that the biscuit is plain since it’s just a chicken and biscuit but a person can remedy this with sauces and jellies on it.