Friends Left Netflix? What’s Next?


The cast of “Friends”

Maggie Nolen, Staff Writer

One of the most iconic TV sitcoms, “Friends”, has recently left Netflix and many people are very angry about it. In 2015, Netflix got the rights to “Friends” for $30 million. However, the popularity of the show increased and the price subsequently went up. Last year, Netflix paid an additional $100 million to keep it. However, this cost became too much, and that is why Netflix dropped it from its list of shows and movies.

The series will be available with the launch of WarnerMedia and HBO’s new streaming service, HBO Max. Fans of “Friends” can also buy all of the seasons on DVD or watch reruns on regular TV. Although there are other sources for fans to watch the show, “Friends” leaving is Netflix is still a huge inconvenience for most.

Junior Brooklyn Oxley said, “I am devastated that ‘Friends’ has been taken off Netflix. It is my favorite show to watch when I’m bored. I might start using a different streaming service now.”

In October, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she and her co-workers are working on a new “Friends”-related project. Although it has been confirmed that this secret project is not a reboot of the original show, fans are still excited about the future.

Along with “Friends”, other shows are planning on leaving Netflix in the future. One of the biggest shows, “The Office,” is set to leave Netflix at the end of 2020, meaning fans only have another year to binge the show. NBCUniversal is taking the rights back to the show, so Netflix can no longer stream it. “The Office” and “Friends” are some of the most streamed shows ever, meaning Netflix’s viewership could drastically decrease.

The thing expected to save Netflix’s viewership is their large number of popular Netflix Originals. “Orange Is the New Black”, “Stranger Things”, “13 Reasons Why”, “Black Mirror”, “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, etc. are extremely popular Netflix Originals that draw in a lot of viewers.