Students Still Fear the Draft


Mia Muse, Staff Writer

Will there be a draft if we go to war with Iran? At this moment, WWIII does not look likely; however, many teenagers, both girls and boys, worry about being drafted.

The Accolade talked with some Centennial students to hear their thoughts on the likelihood. The impression is if our country actually goes to war, our generation will not stand up and fight for this country. They would rather go to jail or move to Africa or Mexico.

“Now see this country is great and all, but I am not going out to Iran and dying. I would rather go to Africa and drink from watering holes,” said Malik Hill. Many other boys said the same thing.

Another big topic the students brought up were “Equal Rights”. Most females want equal rights, but when it comes to having to go to war they had something else to say about it.

“I am not going to fight in that war, that is all for the guys to do. And no I don’t care about equal rights in this case. We should be equal in everything else but not having to go to war. The women that are in the military  can do their thing but imma be here taking care of the house so y’all have fun with that,” said Skylar Martin.

A big trend that was going around for females is them lip singing to a song’s chorus, “ yes I do the cooking, yes I do the cleaning” to illustrate their position of  staying home taking care of the house while the guys are off at war. 

Now not everybody was completely against the fact of might having to go to Iran and fight in the war. There were some people that I came and interviewed that seemed really reliable if there was a war to start.

Sophomore Christian Fuller said, “ If there ever was gonna be a war I wouldn’t really mind being drafted unlike everyone else. Plus isn’t it technically our job to protect and serve our country?”