Here’s how to look fabulous at prom

Some lovely prom dresses from Sherri Hill (credit

Haisa Nguyen, Staff Writer

Ah, prom; a very exciting and fun time in any teenager’s 4 years spent in high school. For a lot of you, this year’s prom will be your very first one, and I’m sure you’re all planning frantically as the weeks go by and the day comes closer. I’m also sure that there are some of you out there that don’t have a clue of what to do for the big day or maybe you went the year before, and you weren’t that prepared, so you’re hoping this year will be different, but you’re not sure what exactly to do. Ladies, here are some helpful prom tips to help you not only survive but look your absolute best at the same time. 

  • Schedule your nail appointment the day before prom. 
      1. You may be tempted to do a week before, but by getting your nails done the day before instead, you can ensure that you have beautiful, fresh nails for really nice pictures. Schedule the appointment with some of your best friends, and it’ll also be a good time to hang out and relax to get rid of some pre-prom jitters. 
  • Bring a fully charged portable charger!
      1. Prom is four hours long. Add in an hour and a half for dinner, and an hour for pictures, you’re looking at six and a half hours of being out with no outlets near you. Bringing a portable charger with you will have you more prepared for any phone emergencies. 
  • Start getting ready earlier than you think you should. 
      1. Prom at seven, pictures at five, and dinner at six. You may be tempted to start getting ready maybe an hour before, but it’s better to start at least two hours before the time you have to leave for pictures or dinner. This leaves room for any complications that you may run into concerning wardrobe, makeup, or hair. 
  • It’s okay to not have a date. 
      1. You might feel inclined to bring a date, but prom is all about having fun with the people that you love and feel closest to. Bringing some random girl or guy will NOT make your night better, but being with your friends will. You don’t need anyone but yourself and people that you love and that love you to have fun! 
      1. There are A LOT of people that attend prom. That combined with dancing will create a very sweaty situation which can cause for some makeup malfunctions as the night wears on. Baking powder and setting spray will ensure that your makeup stays in place all night. So, you can dance the night away with no worries! 
  • Arrive fashionably late. 
      1. Lots of people are too excited and don’t want to wait any longer, so they arrive right when prom starts. However, arriving just a tad bit late means that more people will already be there, so it’ll be way easier to get right into the groove of things. 
  • Try your best to stay off your phone other than for pictures. 
      1. Prom is something that you only get to experience in the very short time that you’re in high school. Take advantage of that, and spend as much time off your phone as possible. Live in the moment, and take it all in. 
  • Bring safety pins! 
      1. You never know what may happen throughout the night as you’re dancing, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. If any wardrobe malfunctions occur then you’ll be able to give it a quick temporary fix so you can continue your prom night.  
  • Keep oil-blotting sheets in your purse. 
      1. Sweating can cause oils to appear on your face, and ruin the makeup that you spent so long on. Keeping some oil-blotting sheets handy will allow you to do a quick touch-up in under a minute. 
  • Flip the bobby pins to keep up-dos in place better. 
    1. Flipping the bobby pins upside down where the grip is face down on your head will allow for a stronger hold so you can go through the night with fewer worries of your hairdo falling down in the middle of that Lizzo song.