What’s the Tea on Tik Tok? Part 3


Bridget McAree and Maggie Nolen

Tik Tok is still as popular as ever and recently there has been a lot of funny content. New trends and dance challenges are taking over TikTok, so it’s time for another Tik Tok update! 

Trend #1: “CEO of …” 

  • This trend has been popular for a while, and it’s basically where someone says that they are the CEO of something they do a lot. For example, someone who posts makeup videos could be called “CEO of makeup.” This is a really popular thing to put as a caption on one of your Tik Toks or to comment on someone else’s. 

Trend #2: Prom/Homecoming Dresses

  • Since it’s prom season, a lot of girls have been posting picture compilations of all the dresses they tried on while shopping for prom dresses and asking people to guess which one they picked. Girls have also been posting pictures of all of there homecoming/prom dresses throughout high school. Sometimes they do this to sell their dresses, but most of the time it’s just for fun and to look back on how your style has changed. 

Trend #3: POVs

  • These have been around for a while, but now it feels like everyone is putting a new spin on a song or Tik Tok sound and making a POV for it. Some people have been using these as a way to show off their acting skills, but they are mainly just jokes/funny content. 

Trend #4: Art/Fashion Tik Toks 

  • Some of my favorite Tik Toks have been ones showing the creator painting or showing off clothes/art they made. My favorite one was of this girl making prom dresses for her and her friends. It was a multiple part video, and it basically showed her cutting the fabric, sewing the dress, etc. In this aspect, Tik Tok is really helpful for people who want to gain publicity and recognition from their talents.

Although Tik Tok is for humor and entertainment, there has been speculation it is stealing people’s identity. Many people have deleted their accounts from fearing their identity and other personal information would get leaked. A student at Centennial, Rachel Cannon, tells us “My mom had to make a ton of calls after my identity was sold on the black web because of my Tik Tok account.” 

Her friend, Fiona Lye, says “I was so scared that would happen to me so I deleted my account.” Earlier this year, the US Army banned soldiers from using Tik Tok because it is a Chinese-owned video app and they had security concerns. This was the first spark to the controversy that now has many users worried for their personal safety.