Recycling is Back!


Griffin Frame, Staff Writer

Recycling has been a long-standing tradition in our school, but this changed last semester when the program was canceled.

The good news is that food sciences teacher Calandra Peyton has stepped up and rebooted Centennial’s recycling efforts. This is different from the years prior where the CBI department was in charge. The CBI department couldn’t handle the recycling this year as they didn’t have enough people. However, some CBI and FCCLA (Family Career & Community Leaders of America) students and faculty are still involved this semester. 

It’s important to remember what can be recycled. The things that can be recycled are:

Paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans 

Currently recycling is picked up every Wednesday, but they are working on a new system where part of the school gets picked up every day. The proposed method is two halls at a time. They are also working towards putting recycle bins in the hallway similar to the regular trash cans; the new bins should show up soon.

Many teachers were happy to hear that recycling was back. Proponents hope like last time that the recycling program continues for a long time without stopping. It’s important to recycle with all the recyclable materials that just go into landfills. It’s important to do at least a little to try to prolong the welfare of our planet because, as Peyton said, “Our planet is our responsibility.”